Furniture Removal

What is furniture removal?

There are many different types of furniture used in the home, and they all have different functions. Over the years, people add more and more furniture to their homes, on top of what they already own. Sadly, no matter how well made the furniture, it will eventually need to be replaced. A house furniture clearance of old furniture can require many journeys to the local recycling centre; taking up a lot of time. Many look for affordable furniture removals to quickly clear clutter.

What are popular types of furniture that need removing?

Tables and Chairs

Many types of tables and chairs are made with a mixture of materials. In order for them to be recycled properly, they will need to be broken down and stripped. Tables and chairs include other variations, such as, stools, office chairs, arm chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and many more items. Which can cause issues when taken to a local recycling centre, as they need materials to be separated.

Sofas and Beds

Both being large and often heavy, pieces of furniture, sofas and beds come in several sizes. They won’t fit into most family cars. Especially if you need to remove a full set of sofas, chairs, ottomans, and even a chaise longue. Are you looking for a full “house furniture clearance near me”, as you are renovating an entire room? Bedrooms are very much one of the more cumbersome places for pieces of furniture. One of the more awkward being the bed itself.

Wardrobes and Cupboards

Probably the most common types of furniture that people require help with removing, wardrobes and cupboards are heavy and awkward. You would almost certainly need to break down the wardrobe before attempting to get it into your car. Which will require you to spend more time, and energy, on furniture removal.

TV units and desks

TV units can fit into a standard sized car, so if they are the only piece of furniture being removed, you may still do this yourself. The only concern is they could be made from several materials. one of which being glass, which if not dealt with appropriately, it could break. Another item, that could fit into a standard car is a desk. More people are starting to work from home, and their current home office area is not going to be suitable for effective and comfortable working. This led to a shortage in desks being available at one point, and many having to store older desks in other rooms.

Who would benefit from this service?

To remove old furniture from your home may not just be about the time saved, or the cost being the cheapest. It could also be due to not having any way to transport old furniture to the local recycling centre. If you don’t have a car, you don’t have a license to drive, or you aren’t able to drive, you most likely want help. If you are on a higher floor in a block of flats, you may not want to drag your furniture all the way down. Whatever the reason may be, you can find fast and affordable furniture removal services from Leytonstone Waste Removal.

Why choose Leytonstone Waste Removal?

Leytonstone Waste Removal are at the forefront of all kinds of house clearances and removals. Everything can be done on your timeline, and to your schedule. Not only are our services quick, but they are also affordable. Basing the costs on how much space your items will take up in the van or lorry, which lowers the costs for you. you need to speak to a customer service representative as soon as you can in order to arrange a time and date. Why wait? Contact us today!


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